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Jul 29 14

Bassnectar’s Tour Supporting Release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’

by Josh Moore

Bassnectar has been known as the stage name of Lorin Ashton. Lorin Ashton remains an electronic freeform music producer. Lorin Ashton is also a DJ with great proclivity to rule the entertainment industry. From research and feasibility study, it is clear that Bassnectar is often known for his live performance. He also like displaying light shows that many people like watching. Community engagement is another great commitment of Bassnectar The origination of Bassnectar music came from rock and metal bands. This can be found in the likes of Megadeth, Metallica, and Nirvana. With these fashions, you are sure to understand the basis of the Bassnectar music. Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ is another great move by the band. Bassnectar like other musician has been great in the industry. With several albums capturing the mind of his fan, the band is set to continue in quality release. The most of the Bassnectar band is yet to come.

With the Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ you are sure to discover a new dimension. Though, his main concern has been on the quality of songs offered to fans. Reading through the reviews of the Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ fans will be happy with the system. Bassnectar is set to give a new view of how the band usually sings. For this reason, the tour is set to touch fans who have ever stayed listening to his song. Without much deliberation, Bassnectar is sure to touch the souls of his ever loving fans. In case you are always in tune with the Bassnectar music, there is every possibility to find something new this time. The tour is set to unleash new thing about the Bassnectar music. It will surely be a superb option to fans, time and again.

Jul 14 14

Widespread Panic Announces Fall Tour

by Josh Moore

Widespread Panic Tickets are now on sale! This America rock band consists of bassist Dave Schools, percussionist Domingo Sunny Ortiz, singer/guitarist John Bell. Other members of the band are drummer Todd Nance, guitarist Jimmy Herring, keyboardist John JoJo Hermann. History record that George McConnell and Michael Houser once played lead guitar for the named band.

Widespread Panic Tour 2014It is clear that the band came into existence in 1986, Athens, Georgia. Nevertheless, Widespread Panic has been rated among the big horns of America jam bands. Widespread Panic has ever remained under the steps of other southern America rock bands in the likes of The Allman Brothers. Nonetheless, the band also has influence from other southern rock, funk, progressive rock, blues-rock and rock genres. Widespread Panic can be compared to other bands such as Phish and Grateful. History records that the band has sold several copies of their albums. This is currently a great source of happiness that keeps the band going. Widespread Panic announces fall tour so as to visit their fans. This will help them discover things people are saying about them. Right at the University of Georgia, Michael Houser and John Bell met. This begins a great deal for the commencement of the band. In case you want to know the success of the band, the Widespread Panic announces fall tour will help you discover the truth. You will be able to discover how the band started and the encouragement to carry on. The band has been doing well to offer the best to fans. In case you are a fan of Widespread Panic, checking out this season will help you get more information. Their tour will unleash greater plans the band has for fans, enthusiasts and lovers. In case you are ready to get quick and quality information about the band, then be tuned to their fall tour.

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Jul 9 14

Susan Boyle is Coming to America for Her First American Tour

by Josh Moore

Susan Boyle is a Scottish singer that shot to fame on the Britain’s Got Talent Show a few years ago. Her meteoric rise has led to a wide audience of admirers across the globe. Her first notable song was I Dreamed A Dream which was a song that was featured in Les Miserables. The singer has an amazing voice that also has a very wide range. Certainly, the talented singer’s fans will be happy to hear that the singer Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour this year. The tour is expected to occur sometime during the later part of the year and Alliance Tickets has cheap Susan Boyle concert tickets available. Check in your own location.

Susan Boyle Concert Tickets DatesIt was no surprise when the singer’s first album shot all the way up the charts to the top. I Dreamed A Dream was the name of her first album to hit the charts world-wide. Her widely accepted first album was followed by several more albums that also had great success. It is certainly not surprising that the Scottish singer has earned millions and sold millions of albums worldwide.

Here is a little back story on the popular singer. Susan Boyle was raised in Scotland. She is the youngest of four brothers and five sisters. As a child, she was misdiagnosed. The belief was that she was deprived of oxygen at birth and this led to a learning disability. Later, they learned that the singer actually has Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of autism.

However, her AD has not affected her amazing talent and ability to travel across the globe and sing to fans. Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour that will travel across the country sometime during the year. This is the perfect chance to get your concert tickets and see this talented performer in person and hear a few of the popular songs that were made famous world-wide by her.

Jul 2 14

Chris Isaak’s 2014 Summer Concert Tour

by Josh Moore

Are you ready for a rockin’ summer? Looking for Chris Isaak Concert Tickets? American rock star, Chris Isaak reveals summer concert tour! Issak, best known for his song “Wicked Game”, will tour the U.S. beginning in July of 2014 and running though September of 2014. Included in the playlist is his most recent song from 2011, “Beyond The Sun”. Chris performs a wide variety of music that’s perfect for all ages. If you’re a newcomer or are unfamiliar with his music, you’re sure to find something you like. From rock to rockabilly, Chris plays it all. Dating back to his first release in 1985, Isaak has released a total of fifteen studio albums. You may recognize his hit, “Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing” from the film “Eyes Wide Shut”. Isaak’s talent doesn’t stop at music, he has also appeared in many films and motion pictures. Some of Chris Isaak’s noteable albums include “Silverton” (1985), “Wicked Game” (1991), “Forever Blue” (1995), “Speak Of The Devil (1998), Mr. Lucky (2009) and “Beyond The Sun” (2011). He also released a few live albums such as “Live In Australia” (2008).

Chris Isaak is more than a quarter century into his career. This rock legend started teaching himself to play guitar as a child. From there, nothing has got in his way. Almost 30 years later, Isaak is still going strong with a dedicated fanbase of all ages.

This is a must see event! A wonderful way to spend a warm summer night. Music, lights, entertainment, people, friends, and all around fun, fun, fun! Chris Isaak’s high energy concert will have you dancing all night. Whether you are partial to his writing style or his musical style, this is a concert you will truly not forget. Gather your friends, spread the news, and enjoy Chris Isaak’s summer concert tour 2014! Get up to date info on concert tickets and events in your area here at Chris Isaak, Live in concert! Be there!

Jun 25 14

Black Label Society Summer Tour with New Band Wovenwar

by Josh Moore

The summer performances are now the talk of many media house and the dual performance by two bands (Black Label Society band with New Wovewar band) have not slipped from attracting both the media a houses and their large pool of fans. One of the captions from the local newspaper wrote: Black Label Society Reveals Summer Tour with New Band Wovenwar. These two bands have been in the spotlight for having being able to move a large mass of fans from many states in the America.

The summer performances that will be taking place in the US later in the year has drawn the attention their fans even on the social sites with other trying to figure out how the show will look like. The Black Label Society announced their interest to tour as many states as they can in the North of America few months ago arging their fans to expect better than last year. This band of rock musicians has already given the specific dates and venues of where the events will be happening.

This year’s black label society concert tour will come with the support from the wovenwar band. The wovenwar is a new band which is made of Jordan Macino, Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, and Josh Gilbert, will be performing together the whole tour to entertain the rock music fans. The show, this summer is expected to rock more than the last years show; according to different sources, the tickets for this years show have already been released to the market, which means the tour is just around the corner.

Wovenwar band now features Sleeper and Shane Blay of Oh, who will be performing together for the first time in this year’s concert tour. The band is also planning of releasing its new album in the hype of the tour. Their working together was as a result of the closeness of their music; the two bands involve themselves with, heavy metal kind of rock music. Black label society, have released numerous albums and its collaboration in the concert tour with the wovenwar will be of mutual benefits to all the band members.

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Jun 11 14

John Legend Extends His ‘All of Me’ Tour

by Josh Moore

Research has shown that John Legend is an America actor and songwriter. Nevertheless, the young lad is also a good singer with great enthusiasms. History records that John Legend has won 9 Grammy Awards. From the Songwriters Hall of Fame, John received another Starlight Award. This really shows that he is always ready to unleash the best to fans and lovers. John Legend extends ‘All of Me’ tour remain a great tag that can help you understand the notion of the songwriter. This tag will help you discover how prepared the actor and songwriter is willing to see fans and share more songs. Before John Legend came into limelight, several successful collaborations with established artists were discovered. This made John Legend fit, strong and ready to stand as a star.

With the voice of the legend, fans are sure to discover uniqueness. John Legend has helped several other artists in collaborations and album release. John Legend has made collaborations with big horns such as Slum Village, Kanye West and Dilated Peoples. Nevertheless, John Legend has also done perfectly with other big music singers such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Fort Minor. John Legend also played piano with Lauryn Hill. Now John Legend is set to unleash a new and fresh feeling to fans. If you have been expecting this legend for long, then now is the time. You will be excited in the way that the songwriter will thrill fans. Nevertheless, the tour is a significance of the deep sense of love for fans. John Legend will also have time to share his opinion for the latest album. Are ready to experience John Legend all for me tour? Have you been waiting to discover something exciting through John Legend tour? All you have to do is check time and again after the legend latest tour.

Jun 2 14

Wiz Khalifa’s 3rd Annual Under The Influence of Music Tour

by Josh Moore

As a musician, consistency is something that keeps you on the map for a long time and allows fans to connect with you more deeply and be able to identify with you and your music. Just like tangible products, a musician has to constantly promote himself/ herself and doing tours or founding an event is the way most singers chose. Rap music is today widely accepted and Wiz Khalifa is one of the musicians synonymous to this genre. Wiz Khalifa’s 3rd annual ‘under the influence of music tour’ is long awaited by most people especially rap fans.

The beauty of this tour (which was founded by Khalifa) is that it keeps getting bigger and fresher each year and gives the fans a wide variety of musicians allowing them to have maximum fun. This event will hit the ground in mid year and is expected to do thrilling stops in over 20 major cities in the USA and Canada meaning it will definitely be near your hometown.

The event will also have lots of stars some of who are new and they will include Dj Drama who always guarantees great sounds and mixes, Mack Wilds whose ”New York’ album was Grammy nominated and that is an indication that this is a must go event. There will also be Iam Su, Rich Homie Quan, Sage the Gemini who has really toiled for his money and fame given that he started with ‘trash’ songs about MySpace and now is reaping big from his gas pedal’ hit.

Lastly but not least by a long shot is Ty Dolla $ign who as it was witnessed during his performance on the Arsenio Hall Show is truly befitting of his name as splashed the audience with dollar bills and we can all hope that he rains more money on Wiz Khalifa’s 3rd annual ”under the influence of music tour ” and make everyone a tad richer!

May 28 14

Eric Church takes to the road in 2014 for his ‘The Outsiders’ Tour

by Josh Moore

Eric Church ‘The Outsiders’ Tour is the fourth studio collection by American down home music recording craftsman Eric Church. Like the majority of his past collections, it is handled by Jay Joyce. It was before the discharge that Church gained media consideration for saying “I think classes are dead.”

The collection gained basic praise, and appeared at number one on the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums Chart, with offers of 288,000 in its first week of release. It likewise appeared at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart.

The collection sold 288,000 duplicates in the U.S. throughout its first week of discharge, diagramming at number one on both the Billboard 200 and the Top Country Albums Chart. It was Church’s second #1 collection and the greatest offering introduction week for a down home collection since Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party. In its second week, the collection tumbled to number two, offering 74,000. As of April 2014, the collection has sold 538,000 duplicates in the U.s.

With respect to the collection’s sound and classification, Church underlined that he doesn’t characterize his music by sort, calling it an “old fashioned idea.” He goes further to say “I think the fascinating thing is that there still are a cluster of stigmas about what this is or what that is. However I think the stigmas go away in the following 10 years, on the off chance that they’re not generally going without end now. I don’t realize what that means, I truly don’t. “According to CMT, Church goes further to say “I think classes are dead. There’s great music. There’s awful music. Furthermore I ponder Nashville is it is at the epicenter of that sort of considering. I’m a down home music craftsman in Nashville, however Nashville is way, way, route greater than blue grass music.”

The collection likewise outlined at number one on the Canadian Albums Chart, offering 18,000 duplicates in its first week. The collection additionally arrived at number 38 in the mid-week official UK Album Chart before authoritatively outlining at number 70 in the UK and number 70 in Scotland, turning into Church’s first appearance on these diagrams.

May 19 14

Ed Sheeran’s X Tour 2014

by Josh Moore

One of the new and exciting artists to hit the scene in a while is Ed Sheeran. He is an artist that will be providing great entertainment for individuals this summer. Ed Sheeran is one of the artists that you can find as part of the many exciting concert venues this summer. His concert X tour is one of the things that you can do and take advantage of. The ED Sheeran concert X tour will be going on this summer. This tour coincides with the album debut of X his quality second album. The tour commences on June 23 in Seattle the same day that the X album is released, and will play in many concert venues all over North America. It is sure to be one to see, as this young artist has made a splash all over the world. Make sure you see the concert and understand what users see in Sheeran one of the hottest new talents of his generation.

Ed Sheeran Concert X TourSheeran is a 24 year old UK musician who has had many credits to his name in terms of recording. One of the things that Sheeran is known for in the UK for the tunes Lego House, and the A Team. Both went Triple Platinum in the UK, and the A Team was nominated for a 2013 grammy award. His reputation was well established there before teaming with Taylor Swift and her album Red.

Sheeran got worldwide acclaim in Taylor Swifts Red. His work in Red was arguably that first thing that got him noticed and popular in the United States. The X tour should be one for the record books that individuals looking to find concert entertainment will discover. The X tour will be exciting for those looking for innovative new entertainers like Sheeran. Sheeran’s popularity is going to continue with grow with the new studio album and the concert tour.

May 13 14

The Earth, Wind and Fire 2014 Tour

by Josh Moore

Earth, Wind & Fire reads like a dream having tried their hand in R&B, disco, soul, jazz, rock, pop, funk, African, Latin and gospel music. Founded in 1969 by Maurice White, the band has gone on to be among the most critically acclaimed and successful bands in the twentieth century with 20 Grammy nominations and winning six as a band and two of the band’s members Maurice White and Philip Bailey winning individual awards and the Earth, Wind and Fire 2014 Tour is on for their new album, Now, Then & Forever. This is the band’s first album in eight years and brings the same innovative, precise, sensual, galvanizing and calculated spirit that is the band.

The Earth, Wind and Fire 2014 Tour is currently on with tickets selling out wherever they are scheduled to perform. This band has so many accolades under their belt and more than 90 million of their albums have been sold worldwide. Other than their impressive Grammy nominations, they have 12 nominations in the American Music Awards winning four and have been inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Hollywood Walk of Fame includes a star for the band and five of the band’s members are inductees in the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Elaborate and energetic stage shows, a dynamic horn section and an amazing interplay thanks to the contrasting vocals of Maurice White’s tenor and Philip Bailey’s falsetto are just some of the things that have made the concerts of this band a performance worth watching and are exactly what make the Earth, Wind and Fire 2014 Tour just as unforgettable and an event not to be missed. It is the perfect opportunity to witness the musical geniuses that have influenced so many of today’s great names like Babyface, The All-American Rejects, Pharell Williams, Prince and India Arie and so many others.