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Sep 9 14

The Doobie Brothers to be Inducted into IEBA’s Hall of Fame

by Josh Moore

Imagine the mixture of an iconic band and an event created by those who love exceptional music along with electrifying performances. Well, that’s exactly the news, The Doobie Brothers to be Inducted into IEBA’s Hall of Fame. As you may already know the band has a story dating from the late 60′s and they got really popular among the famous motorcycling group The Hell’s Angels. Because of their increasing popularity they got a contract with Warner Bros Records in the summer of 71. Up until today the group is famous for their innovation in sounds and their long track record of rocking people’s lives with their music.

Doobie-Brothers-TicketsNashville, Tennessee is home of many iconic stars and businesses in the music industry. Following this tradition the International Entertainment Buyer’s Association (IEBBA) is changing its own history, why is this so? First of all their tradition goes toward other direction but the Doobie Brothers are the first rock band to be included in this important musical award. But the organization and the band have a lot in common since they both were founded the same year. With four Grammy awards and a raving fan base the band is another pride in the mecca of American music, Nashville. The organization is known for providing the awards to only the cream of the crop, as an example of this Johnny Cash and Dale Morris have won this important award.

The band’s positivism is also breathtaking and no doubt is has been a cornerstone in the many decades of success they have went through together as a group, as a matter of fact, it’s current leader Bruce Cohn mentioned how he truly believes the best is yet to come, which, taking into account their impressive history, is a extremely positive remark. The name of the game here is live entertainment since it requires expertise and finesse in other fields not necessarily related to music, which when mixed creates a magical effect.

Sep 2 14

Mastodon 2014 Tour to Support their New Album

by Josh Moore

The American metal band, Mastodon, is still rocking the world of music with their epic music and style. And the good news is Mastodon Announces Tour Supporting Album ‘Once More Round The Sun’. The heavy metal band has made their decision to tour different parts of US and UK on different months of this year (2014) seeking to garner a massive support for their new Album. This will be a special tour meant to support their album that is now a month old. It will also be a good opportunity to strengthen their bonds with their fans and have their fans enjoy their live performs in different hotels, beach resorts stadium among other platforms.

Mastodon Tour 2014Their 6th album (One More Round The Sun) which was released on June 4th 2014 with the Reprise Records, received positive reception especially from their die-hard fans. The album immediately made available for streaming on iTunes which projected even great success. It was an Album that was highly expected by made fans something that lead to selling of 34,000 copies in US, in the first week it was released. This won Mastodon the 6th position on the Billboard 200 chart. While 34,000 copies was slightly lower than the 39,000 copies that they sold from their 2011 album: The Hunter, they were still able to make it to top 10 debuts with their consecutive Albums. Their 2014 tour will aim at bringing the Album close to the fans and takeover the industry again.

The Atlanta based heavy metal band was formed in 1999 by bringing together various talents from the likes of Bill Kelliher, bassist Troy Sanders, drummer Bränn Dailorand guitarist Brent Hinds. It is a band that has won various awards and nominations from their great songs. In 2007 and 2012 they were nominated for Grammy award for Best metal performance and won awards such as Golden God Awards in 2007 and 2012 and their album: The Hunter won the best Album in 2012 in Kerrang Awards. Mastodon’s new and fresh 2014 album is also anticipated to follow the soot; get nominations and win various awards.

Aug 25 14

The Great American Beer Festival is Approaching in Denver

by Josh Moore

See why visitors from around the world are coming to The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver!  The Brewers Association hosts the annual three-day event to bring you more than 2,000 different American beers, for your sampling pleasure!  Additionally, over 100 beer judges from the United States and abroad will evaluate 3,300 beers entered by almost 500 domestic breweries in the associated challenge.  The ultimate goal of the competition is to identify the three beers that best represent each of the 83 beer-style categories as described and adopted by the original Great American Beer Festival guidelines.  Winners are awarded Gold, silver and bronze medals, however, not every medal is guaranteed to be given out in each category.

Great American Beer Festival 2014The Great American Beer Festival has the largest collection of U.S. beer ever served in a public tasting event with a private competition and is the largest ticketed festival in the country, which could be why nearly every reviewer labeled this a 5 star event.  One attendee raves, “Can’t beat the selection and atmosphere. Great way to find beers you can’t find locally”; another insists that “GABF is a great way to try out samples from breweries you have never been to but have always lusted after.”  GABF was founded in 1982 by nuclear engineer Charlie Papazian in Boulder Colorado and has been evolving with the American craft brewing industry ever since.

Don’t miss out on this year’s “The Superbowl of beer” where you can sample thousands of classic, hard to find, and special edition brews!


The Great American Beer Festival
Colorado Convention Center in Denver
736 Pearl St, Boulder 80302

Aug 19 14

Last Comic Standing Reveals Extensive Fall Tour For 8 Season

by Josh Moore

Last Comic Standing remains an American TV show talent. With much work, he has been able to unleash several episodes of his job. His objective is to pick a comedian from a group. He is also into developing comedian with contract with NBC. Nevertheless, the half-hour scripted project remains ultimate to the reality TV show talent. The Last Comic Standing reveals extensive fall tour for 8th season remains factual. Heading up with his achievements, he has gained several credits, time and again. With the challenge that Last Comic Standing gets on a weekly basis, he is focused to remain the best. Last Comic Standing has appeared in several NBC competitions and coming out with excellent results. If you are Last Comic Standing 2014looking for a talent that rules the TV show media, Last Comic Standing is one of the best to bid on. Carrying his goal to another level made the Last Comic Standing reveals extensive fall tour for 8th season a reality.

Kudos to his TV shows because many people have been educated on several things in life. Rattling it out with the big horns of the industry, he has also played a useful impact in the entertainment world. With a comprehensive look at his work, the Last Comic Standing will never be forgotten in the mind of fans. If you are looking to catch fun and the same learn new things, the Last Comic Standing remains one of the best TV talents to bid on. The best of this TV talent is not yet known. For this reason, the Last Comic Standing reveals extensive fall tour for 8th season to give fans a better knowledge of his next goal. With this, you are sure to understand the innovation that the Last Comic Standing has added to the quality of his TV show. You can check it out now.

Aug 11 14

Judas Priest Unveils ‘Redeemer of Souls’ Tour with Steel Panther

by Josh Moore

If you love heavy metal music, then you can’t miss this upcoming concerts. Judas Priest Unveils “Redeemer of Souls” Tour with Steel Panther. Their 17th album “Redeemer of Souls” was released on July 8, 2014 and now they are making a tour around the US in the fall for most of November. This is the bands first album in almost 6 years, this will also be the first album with their new guitar player Richie Faulkner. In the start of 2011 it was known that Judas Priest was writing their new upcoming album which most people thought that it was going to be their last one. The band said that they are not saying goodbye and that this new album was made with much more confidence, and that it may or may not be their last material, they also said that there are a lot of songs in tribute to their fans.

It was a great surprise to hear that Steel Panther will be the special guest in all the tour. A truly epic new album will be played in many cities, with Rob Halford’s unique and amazing vocals and Glenn Tipton powerful guitar solos. This band will take you to a whole new level in the heavy metal music world. The Rolling Stone Magazine said that the talented guitar players take Priest at its metal core. The tour will be full with fire and they will create an unforgettable show for their fans. It will begin in October and it will end in November. This band dedicated them selves to this album and they have taken all the time necessary to make each and every song a unique experience for their fans to relate to their new material. Do not miss and unforgettable experience with Judas Priest and Steel Panther.

Aug 6 14

Chromeo Announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ Across North America

by Josh Moore

Chromeo without much deliberation is a Canadian electrofunk duo. The band was formed by Patrick Gemayel and David Macklovitch. After the coming together of the duo, David later went on to produce hip hop with P-Thugg. This picked up the interest of David and P-Thugg working together to unleash wonderful songs. She’s in Control became the debut of the band. With an excellent combination, the band was able to offer quality music to the need of fans. With the album titled ”Needy Girl, ”Chromeo storm the public eyes. If you are to quantify the gravity of the album, time will not permit. As Chromeo pushed forward to unleash other albums, the band was simply known for their excellent combination. Dave claim that the first two albums became like a passport to the world of entertainment for Chromeo. Nevertheless, the band grew in success following other great albums that they released.

After some years break, they released another album in title Fancy Footwork. This skyrocket their stand in the public eyes again. Waiting for some years really added to the glory of the new album called Fancy Footwork. In a short time, the band music started surfacing on YouTube. This became a rush of success for the Chromeo. Going through their archive will help you discover the success of Chromeo. Chromeo announces ‘Frequent Flyer Tour’ across North America is another way to appreciate things that their fans have been doing to the band. Fans have supported the band morally help them to release songs with quality. The band is still ready to make their fans happy, over and over again. You are sure to find Chromeo glooming in the next tour in North America. The band is sure to help their fans understand their next plan. You can listen to their next release for more details.

Jul 29 14

Bassnectar’s Tour Supporting Release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’

by Josh Moore

Bassnectar has been known as the stage name of Lorin Ashton. Lorin Ashton remains an electronic freeform music producer. Lorin Ashton is also a DJ with great proclivity to rule the entertainment industry. From research and feasibility study, it is clear that Bassnectar is often known for his live performance. He also like displaying light shows that many people like watching. Community engagement is another great commitment of Bassnectar The origination of Bassnectar music came from rock and metal bands. This can be found in the likes of Megadeth, Metallica, and Nirvana. With these fashions, you are sure to understand the basis of the Bassnectar music. Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ is another great move by the band. Bassnectar like other musician has been great in the industry. With several albums capturing the mind of his fan, the band is set to continue in quality release. The most of the Bassnectar band is yet to come.

With the Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ you are sure to discover a new dimension. Though, his main concern has been on the quality of songs offered to fans. Reading through the reviews of the Bassnectar reveals tour supporting release of ‘Noise vs Beauty’ fans will be happy with the system. Bassnectar is set to give a new view of how the band usually sings. For this reason, the tour is set to touch fans who have ever stayed listening to his song. Without much deliberation, Bassnectar is sure to touch the souls of his ever loving fans. In case you are always in tune with the Bassnectar music, there is every possibility to find something new this time. The tour is set to unleash new thing about the Bassnectar music. It will surely be a superb option to fans, time and again.

Jul 14 14

Widespread Panic Announces Fall Tour

by Josh Moore

Widespread Panic Tickets are now on sale! This America rock band consists of bassist Dave Schools, percussionist Domingo Sunny Ortiz, singer/guitarist John Bell. Other members of the band are drummer Todd Nance, guitarist Jimmy Herring, keyboardist John JoJo Hermann. History record that George McConnell and Michael Houser once played lead guitar for the named band.

Widespread Panic Tour 2014It is clear that the band came into existence in 1986, Athens, Georgia. Nevertheless, Widespread Panic has been rated among the big horns of America jam bands. Widespread Panic has ever remained under the steps of other southern America rock bands in the likes of The Allman Brothers. Nonetheless, the band also has influence from other southern rock, funk, progressive rock, blues-rock and rock genres. Widespread Panic can be compared to other bands such as Phish and Grateful. History records that the band has sold several copies of their albums. This is currently a great source of happiness that keeps the band going. Widespread Panic announces fall tour so as to visit their fans. This will help them discover things people are saying about them. Right at the University of Georgia, Michael Houser and John Bell met. This begins a great deal for the commencement of the band. In case you want to know the success of the band, the Widespread Panic announces fall tour will help you discover the truth. You will be able to discover how the band started and the encouragement to carry on. The band has been doing well to offer the best to fans. In case you are a fan of Widespread Panic, checking out this season will help you get more information. Their tour will unleash greater plans the band has for fans, enthusiasts and lovers. In case you are ready to get quick and quality information about the band, then be tuned to their fall tour.

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Jul 9 14

Susan Boyle is Coming to America for Her First American Tour

by Josh Moore

Susan Boyle is a Scottish singer that shot to fame on the Britain’s Got Talent Show a few years ago. Her meteoric rise has led to a wide audience of admirers across the globe. Her first notable song was I Dreamed A Dream which was a song that was featured in Les Miserables. The singer has an amazing voice that also has a very wide range. Certainly, the talented singer’s fans will be happy to hear that the singer Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour this year. The tour is expected to occur sometime during the later part of the year and Alliance Tickets has cheap Susan Boyle concert tickets available. Check in your own location.

Susan Boyle Concert Tickets DatesIt was no surprise when the singer’s first album shot all the way up the charts to the top. I Dreamed A Dream was the name of her first album to hit the charts world-wide. Her widely accepted first album was followed by several more albums that also had great success. It is certainly not surprising that the Scottish singer has earned millions and sold millions of albums worldwide.

Here is a little back story on the popular singer. Susan Boyle was raised in Scotland. She is the youngest of four brothers and five sisters. As a child, she was misdiagnosed. The belief was that she was deprived of oxygen at birth and this led to a learning disability. Later, they learned that the singer actually has Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of autism.

However, her AD has not affected her amazing talent and ability to travel across the globe and sing to fans. Susan Boyle Announces First American Tour that will travel across the country sometime during the year. This is the perfect chance to get your concert tickets and see this talented performer in person and hear a few of the popular songs that were made famous world-wide by her.

Jul 2 14

Chris Isaak’s 2014 Summer Concert Tour

by Josh Moore

Are you ready for a rockin’ summer? Looking for Chris Isaak Concert Tickets? American rock star, Chris Isaak reveals summer concert tour! Issak, best known for his song “Wicked Game”, will tour the U.S. beginning in July of 2014 and running though September of 2014. Included in the playlist is his most recent song from 2011, “Beyond The Sun”. Chris performs a wide variety of music that’s perfect for all ages. If you’re a newcomer or are unfamiliar with his music, you’re sure to find something you like. From rock to rockabilly, Chris plays it all. Dating back to his first release in 1985, Isaak has released a total of fifteen studio albums. You may recognize his hit, “Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing” from the film “Eyes Wide Shut”. Isaak’s talent doesn’t stop at music, he has also appeared in many films and motion pictures. Some of Chris Isaak’s noteable albums include “Silverton” (1985), “Wicked Game” (1991), “Forever Blue” (1995), “Speak Of The Devil (1998), Mr. Lucky (2009) and “Beyond The Sun” (2011). He also released a few live albums such as “Live In Australia” (2008).

Chris Isaak is more than a quarter century into his career. This rock legend started teaching himself to play guitar as a child. From there, nothing has got in his way. Almost 30 years later, Isaak is still going strong with a dedicated fanbase of all ages.

This is a must see event! A wonderful way to spend a warm summer night. Music, lights, entertainment, people, friends, and all around fun, fun, fun! Chris Isaak’s high energy concert will have you dancing all night. Whether you are partial to his writing style or his musical style, this is a concert you will truly not forget. Gather your friends, spread the news, and enjoy Chris Isaak’s summer concert tour 2014! Get up to date info on concert tickets and events in your area here at Chris Isaak, Live in concert! Be there!